Records I Want

Song Title Artist Label / Notes / etc. Comments
new (Summer 95) 2DJ's    
Breakbeats Vol 2 Amen    
X-T-C Aspect 101-4 DS Records  
Blue Room / Total Eclipse Astral Projection    
Rendez vu Basement Jaxx Remix? (must hear it NOT XL recordings green sleeve with miracles keep on playin)  
Music Tears You Away Bass Boyz    
If 60's was 90's Beautiful People Essential Record  
12 till 8 Big Audio Spidermite Drop Music  
Center of the World Bird II Remix? (Not Gimme 5 / must hear it)  
Vocoder Trance C2R Knight Life #1  
Det 29-62 Carl Cox    
Can You Have It Charley Cassanova    
Sleepy E / Hard as Phunk DJ Elvis VS Sleepy E Jeckyl & Hyde EP  
Dig this Vibe Dj Krush (Blue Sky ?)  
Landing on a Planet near you DJ Q (1500) Go Beat Need a 2nd copy
Brass Disk Dupree Illegal / Elegal / Gold Vinyl Only    
Eat Static #1 Eat Static    
Eat Static #2 Eat Static    
S.F. Acid Edge Records #2   Need a 2nd copy
Loose Caboose Electroliners new mixes (not ghetto train)    
Rocketman Elton John   Need a 2nd copy
Soft Breeze & Tzunami Breaks EKova    
Deep Down Eternal Rhythm Logic / Remix? (must hear it NOT Quad Communications)  
Sweet Dreams Eurythmics NOT For DJ Use Only  
Been A Long Time Fog, The Downtown  
Don't Stop (Femal Vocal, I Know You Gonna Want Me) Freestylers Scratch City Records / SKCRT01 Need a 2nd copy
Rockin It Fun House    
Move to the Groove Grey House Hip Hop  
New 5/00 H Foundation Low Pressings  
Live  Jackson Five, The     
Walk Away Jammy   Need a 2nd copy  
We Gotta Love KA-22    
Another Day  Kathy Sledge    
Was That All It was Kym Mazelle David Morales remix    
Din Da Da Kevin Aviance    
Givin My All Liquid City Tribal America Need a 2nd copy  
Keep Me from Pain Logue 2    
Gimme a Smile, Musika Lost Tribe Italia (Classic UK Remixes) Need a 2nd copy
The King Mel O' Ween      
A Trifle Too Far Meringetang / Meringeatang Strategy UK  
Acid War Plank (yellow picture disk) Plank Attitude EP: "Excursion", "Acid War" Important  Need a 2nd copy
Thier Law Prodigy, The     
Lion King v2 Serial Telephonist Hammered Trax  
Los Diablos Locos Shaceur Eilter (bad spelling SHA_EUR E_L_ER) (?El Locomotion Oroboro)
Abraham Son of God    
Purple Heart Tan Ru    
The Feeling Tin Tin Out Deep Distraction  
Take Me Higher Tony Allen   Need a 2nd copy
If You Haven't Danced White      
Breaking the Dance Barriers Yellow Pencil Remixes Nice& Nasty  
Dance of Life Zion Train Remix / Bonzai Records b/w Homegrown Dub Suite (1996) / China Records (crossed through)  
Peace to your Soul ? White Label(DJ Dan) (piece, Carl Craig, clear vinyl)
No Matter ? (Not The Flavour)  
One Time You Don't Stop ? (DJ Tony)  
I Believe ? (adative)?)  
? ? 6/96 Bonzai Records  
Disco Magic __ Meeaus Disco Magic (bad spelling) Maybe Disc Co Disco Mouse
Rescue 3      
Flux Compilation      
Phreak 3 (or Phreak E)      
  Simon @ community 4/5/00 Dj Tony's Late Night Dub (B1)  
Warm (not really this maybe DJ Q) Tony @ Gathering 12/19/99 Three circles connected in a row by lines  
Human Traffic Soundtrack Fruit Salad Films FFRR  
Played by Tony @ Jelly's Peir Bucks Remix Church Street  
Cmon Cmon Take Me Higher   (jeno)  (same as Liquid City?)  
Take Me Higher   Tribal America (same as Liquid City?)